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Oxford has had quite the love affair with Coffee over the last 350 years. Whilst which Coffee Shop is the longest established in Oxford (a toss up between the Grand Café and Queen’s Lane Coffee House), the city has since boomed with a number all making a claim to offering the best Coffee in the city of dreaming spires. Naturally, it is unlikely that a visitor to Oxford will have time to visit every single one and make up their own minds. In order to help you find the best Coffee in Oxford, we at Oxford City Guide have compiled a list of our favourite places for a Coffee. In our humble opinions, these are the top 5 places to get some of the best coffee in Oxford.


5. Combibos Coffee


Combibos is a small, family run Café situated next to the bus station in Gloucester Green. The location is great for the visitor to Oxford coming in on the Oxford Tube, or the X90. The Cafe itself is small but friendly whilst the real star of the show is the Coffee. If you are looking for that first cup of joe after a long bus ride, look no further than Combibos!


4. Cardew’s of Oxford


Ok, so number four on our list is a Coffee Merchants rather than a coffee shop. Despite this slight technicality, Cardew’s is well established as the oldest supplier of freshly roasted coffee and fine teas in Oxford. They have a fantastic range of coffee for you to enjoy at home, which allows one the opportunity to take a little taste of Oxford with them. Cardew’s is located in the Covered Market and if you can’t find it straight away, follow the delicious aroma of that incredible, rich coffee smell!


3. The Grand Café

Grand Cafe

If you are looking for something quintessentially British, such as high tea, The Grand Café is produces the highest of teas! As arguably the oldest Coffee house in Oxford, it is situated bang on the high street and its decor is positively regal. The only thing not putting it further up this list is the price. Naturally opulence doesn’t come cheap! Nonetheless, if you want to sit down and make your coffee an occasion, The Grand Café is a worthwhile visit.


2. The Vaults and Gardens, University Church

Vaults and Gardens

The Vaults is a favourite to many an Oxford student, due to its proximity to the Radcliffe Camera, and is based in the old Convocation House of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. No surprises, it is often very busy, with numerous students frequenting it as a respite from the library. Despite the numbers the Café sees, each coffee is prepared to perfection, the milk frothed just to the right temperature to ensure maximum enjoyment. The ethos of the café’s founder, Will Pouget, is one of good food and drink, ethically sourced and highly sustainable. No surprises, the cafe won the ‘Most sustainable restaurant in Oxfordshire’ award in 2016. The Vaults will give you a devilishly good coffee that you can feel like an angel for drinking.


1. The Missing Bean

Missing bean

If you were to ask anyone in Oxford where the best place to get a Coffee is, they would say, hands down, The Missing Bean. The coffee is all freshly roasted and each sip is like a hug warming your tongue! The café itself is quite small and therefore finding a seat can be hard unless you plan your visit around mealtimes. If you literally just want to grab a coffee to go, this is certainly the place to head. Given that the owners, Ori and Vicky are from Sydney, there is no surprise that the style is laid back and Antipodean. Quite simply, it’s a little bit of Oz in the heart of Turl Street, which is why the Missing Bean is, for us, makes the best coffee in Oxford.


Naturally, Coffee is a matter of taste and if you want to share your personal favourite Coffee shops with us, let us know!

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