Valentine’s Day in Oxford

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Valentine's day in Oxford

Once again, the day put aside in ones calendar for that significant other is vast approaching. At this point, you’re probably floundering around for something to do. Don’t you fret Cyrano because Oxford City Guide is here with helpful hints on how to spend Valentine’s day in Oxford! We have carefully selected some of our favourite haunts in Oxford based on a variety of budgets. From this, we have created three categories that will definitely prove to impress your date for the night.

The Connoisseur

Lets face it, you care a lot about that significant other. As such, you’re going to try to make this evening an absolute treat. After all, the effort is worth the reward! If you are looking for an evening of sophistication, We recommend starting your night at the Duke of Cambridge  on little Clarendon Street pour un petit aperitif.

The Duke of Cambridge Valentine's Day

This classy cocktail bar has warmed the hearts of it’s patrons for nearly 40 years. With its wooden paneling and glass ceiling, it sets the perfect mood for a sophisticated evening. To make matters better, Happy Hour during the week is between 6pm and 9pm, which means you can pick up a couple of Martini’s for around £4.95 per glass! Luxury without breaking the bank.

So with the taste of those magnificent Martinis on the tips of your tongues causing conversation to flow faster than the Isis in Winter, it’s time to move on. The good news is, you’re not walking very far. Pierre Victoire, Oxford’s number 1 premier French restaurant is just a couple of doors down.

Pierre Victoire Valentine's Day

Pierre Victoire is often referred to as Oxford’s most romantic restaurant and when you go in, you can see why. It is very cozy, with low lighting and whilst some would describe it as ‘a little small’, this becomes the perfect opportunity for some candlelit handholding.

The food is truly excellent, always seasonal, locally sourced and organic. Despite the quality, the cost is highly appropriate, a three course meal setting you back £25 per person which, given you are going for quality, is a pretty good value.

With dinner sorted, it’s time to head to a natural beauty spot. Somewhere with a little bit of class and sophistication. We recommend a little trip to the Varsity Club on the High Street.  Whilst walking through the club is a little less than classy, this place is home to one of the best views in Oxford… It’s roof top cocktail bar!

Varsity Valentine's Day

From the top of the Varsity Club, you are surrounded by the dreaming spires of Lincoln College Library, The University Church and the Radcliffe Camera. If it rains, no problem. the Whole area is canvased meaning a little precipitation need not wreck the evening.

Needless to say, this is without a doubt the suavest way to finish the night. This is how to do Valentine’s Day in Oxford, like the connoisseur that you are!

Total cost for the night (approx) – £120 inc. drinks


The Cheapskate

Some of us can afford the finer things in life. Lets not forget however that 25% of Oxford’s population is made up of students. A good group of us will be trying to treat our significant other as they deserve to be treated. Those people don’t want to break the bank however! Luckily, Oxford is equally a place where the frugal can experience a little bit of luxury without necessarily breaking the bank! Naturally there is only one place to head for an enjoyable but budget night out… Cowley Road.

Naturally, It’s worth starting the night at Café Tarifa, a favourite for Brookes students on a Monday night due to happy hour lasting the Tarifa Valentine's Day

entirety of the evening. During the week, Happy Hour is between 5 and 7. This gives you plenty of time to sip a couple of cheeky cocktails before heading for some grub. The decor is Moroccan inspired and the cocktails are divine! If you are a fan of the White Russian this place really gets how to treat its milk and kaluha. Whilst the cost is roughly equivalent to the Duke of Cambridge, the location of Tarifa is a perfect walking distance to your dinner stop.
Having sipped a couple of creamy Cocktails it’s time to head of for some food. Without a doubt, the Red Star Noodle Bar is a diamond in the rough. The food is highly inexpensive for the portion size and service is incredibly fast! A bowl of Chicken Ramen will only set you back £5.50 and the portion sizes are incredibly generous. Why not show of how cultured you are while you’re here. Order a bottle of Sake (£4.50) and ask for it warm. The reception of your partner will match the temperature of the drink.Red Star Valentine's Day

Whilst you’re probably going to be pretty full by now, there’s always space for more. Make your way over to G&D’s for a cheeky bit of late night ice cream. Everyone Oxonian knows that the best ice cream in Oxford comes from G&D’s. Nothing says romance more than sharing a Sundae with your beau!

G&D Valentine's Day

Ok, so it’s not the cheapest night out in Oxford but for a day like Valentines day, you’re not going to want to be ultra stingy. The total cost is likely to be approximately £30 in total, which is still cheaper than everyones plan B… a meal for two at Pizza Express!


The Loner 

If you aren’t lucky or stupid enough, depending on your perspective, to have company this Valentine’s day, there’s only thing that is respectable to do. Phone up Mamma Mia Pizzeria, based in Summertown and Jericho, and order yourself one of their famously tasty pizza’s. If you don’t feel like going out, due to lonely heart syndrome, Deliveroo that bad boy straight to your door!

With Pizza in hand, cozy yourself up on the sofa with your comfort beverage of choice. Then, put on one of three of these acceptable Oxford shot films:

  1. Any Harry Potter Movie,
  2. The Riot Club
  3. Shadowlands.

Total cost £15 approx. depending on how you choose to watch one of these three films.

Gee's Restaurant Valentine's Day

So there you have it. Here is the definitive list of options for Valentine’s Day in Oxford. There are plenty more places in Oxford that are perfect to set the mood of course. Equally popular romantic hotspots for Valentine’s day in Oxford include Gee’s RestaurantThe Black Boy and The Oxford Kitchen  so go ahead and chop and change depending on your interests. If you have any particular favourite places for Valentine’s Day in Oxford, please feel free to comment!

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