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Friday, 18 May 2012

Film Review: 2 Days in New York


Julie Delpy's alter ego Marion deserves her own sitcom. She's a lovable mess of neurotic babble, intellectual uncertainty and unmanageable lies, and after 2007's 2 Days in Paris, it's great to see her again. She's now shacked up in Manhattan with her new partner, played by Chris Rock; each have a child from a previous relationship. But Rock is in for a shock: crashing in like an anarchic French circus come Marion's childish father (Delpy's real-life father, Albert), her bickering sister and her casually racist ex-boyfriend (who's now dating her sister), all of whom we met in the first movie. Family relations and cross-cultural mishaps might be the stuff of Hollywood cliche, but Delpy whisks it all into a delightfully eccentric comedy, here, big on laughs, low on pretense, exaggerated but emotionally sincere – not least in Delpy's dealing with the death of her mother (in real life as well as in the movie). We've rarely seen comedy this smart since Woody Allen and Seinfeld left New York.

By Steve Rose

category: Film Reviews

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