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The Real China

41 Oxford Castle, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY

Area: City Centre

Tel: 01865 721888

Official Website

Cuisine Type: Chinese


Eat As Much As You Like Oriental Buffet. The Real China is a chain of oriental buffet restaurants with locations all over the UK. We provide over 50 freshly prepared speciality dishes from Sezchuan, Chinese, Cantonese to Sushi and more. The modern and contemporary design of the restaurant and bar creates a great environment to dine and enjoy a cocktail with family and friends.

Sunday: £10.99/£5
Mon-Thu Dinner: £11.99/£5
Mon-Thu Lunch £5.99/£3.50
Fri & Sat Dinner: £13.99/£5
Fri & Sat Lunch: £6.99/£3.50

Opening Times:
Lunch Mon-Sat 12pm - 4pm
Dinner Mon-Thu 6pm - 10.30pm
Fri & Sat 5.30pm - 11pm
Sunday 11.30am - 10pm


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posted by sv on March 01, 2012

This is the worst meal my friend and I have ever had. We have never experienced such an awful food. It was hardly warm and no taste. AVOID like the plague unless you want to catch it


posted by Cynthia Adu on December 03, 2011

I am surprised at your experience i visited this same place for a friends birthday, we were there with a group of other friends, It was a really good place and the food was amazing and they had varieties. I look forward to going there again and i plan on celebrating my birthday there next year.


posted by CB on December 02, 2010

I visited Real China on 27 November 2010 for my partner's birthday as we had been on a tour of Oxford Castle (which was fantasic), his favourite food is chinese so I thought I would treat him to an "up-market" chinese buffet meal as this was the impression I was given by The Real China's website. However, we were extremely dissapointed, the food was luke-warm at best and a bit bland really. There was no sushi or anywhere near the variety stated on their website. The puddings were few and far between and what there was was dried up and had obviously been on display for hours. I dont usually complain but I did send them an email regarding my disapointment at which they just said "there was no explanation of the incident". I will not be going there again or recommending to anyone I know.


posted by P+J on July 29, 2010

To be honest it was a very poor affair:

- The food was not even warm
- Most of the dishes ran out and stayed that way throughout the hour we were there
- Even at the ice-cream cart they had ran out or were running out of the various flavours and did not even have any toppings / sauces that they usually have

The staff were very friendly and actually seemed embarrassed by the whole affair.

One of them asked how the meal was and I noted that everything was cold and had ran out. The poor chap couldn't offer any consolation, other than that we were not the first people to have said this today. He indicated that when he passed these comments to the manager, that the response was "this is because everything is fresh". An interesting statement when in the hour we ate there, nothing was replaced or topped up.

I may be incorrect with this, but I suspect the Manager was the person wearing the grey shirt and trousers who:

- Was stood next to the "ran-out" food for at least 20mins whilst talking to a waitress
- Passed the food cart many times
- Did not even have the decency to acknowledge the complaint we made (and I am quite confident that the waiter had passed the message on)

Basically just "cheap".... but with no value provided. And since when did people offer "shredded chicken" in pancakes on an evening.... You have "shredded duck", stop being so cheap

Were we impressed? No, not at all.

Have we ever sent an email to complain about a restaurant before? No, this is the first time ever.

Will we recommend you to others? Bear with me whilst I roll on the floor laughing..... No, No and No again.