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What to See and Do

Theatre / Plays

Going to the theater is a popular activity in Oxford, especially the outdoor performances of Shakespeare plays in the summer. If you intend to see a show while in town, you should check the listings at the individual theatres and buy your tickets in advance, or else you may be disappointed.

*Look for our Child Friendly Events (blue background)

Oxford Playhouse | Creation Theatre Company | Old Fire Station
Burton Taylor |  New Theatre (Apollo) | Pegasus Theatre
University Theatre | Oxford Shakespeare Company
North Wall Arts Centre | Miscellaneous Theatre in & Around Oxford

What's Showing?

Oxford Playhouse Young Companies

Called 7|10, 11|15 and 16|22, each company meets once a week during term time for drama games, improvisation techniques, performance skills and more! Every group has the opportunity to share what its been working on with friends and family and 16|22 presents its flagship show as part of Oxford Playhouse’s programme each year.

If you’re looking for an after-school or college group to build your confidence, make friends, have bags of fun and learn more about drama then Oxford Playhouse Young Companies are for you!

7|10 Young Company meets Mondays 4:30 pm to 6 pm
11|15 Young Company meets Tuesdays 5 pm to 7 pm
16|22 Young Company meets Wednesdays 5 pm to 7 pm

September to November 2014

£50 per term

In Time O’ Strife

By Joe Corrie
Adapted, designed and directed by Graham McLaren

There’s nae power on earth can crush the men who can sing on a day like this.

On the 30th anniversary of the 1984 miners’ strike, the National Theatre of Scotland presents a powerful reimagining of Joe Corrie’s 1926 classic play about a Fife mining community buckling under the strain of a long-running lockout.

Corrie wrote In Time O’ Strife whilst on strike himself, exposing the brutal reality of a family staring hunger and defeat in the face.

Charged with raw emotion and driven by explosive choreography that’s accompanied by live, original music, this uncompromising production is a heartbreaking examination of class conflict and the price of industrial success.

Age guideline 12+
Intensely powerful…Brilliantly performed.**** Times

Wed 1th/10 19:30 £24 / £21 / £17 / £11
Thu 2th/10 14:30 £21.50 / £18.50 / £13 / £11
Thu 2th/10 19:30 £26.50 / £23.50 / £19.50 / £11.50
Fri 3th/10 20:00 £26.50 / £23.50 / £19.50 / £11.50
Sat 4th/10 14:30 £24 / £21 / £17 / £11
Sat 4th/10 19:30 £26.50 / £23.50 / £19.50 / £11.50

1st October to 4th October

Tickets and Information

Simon Singh

The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets

Simon Singh has been unearthing scientific and mathematical mysteries for more than 20 years. Here he will introduce his new book, The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets, which explores the vast amount of mathematics smuggled into the world’s most successful sitcom.

Author, journalist and TV producer Singh’s BAFTA-winning documentary Fermat’s Last Theorem was also the subject of his first book, with later acclaimed titles covering the Big Bang theory, alternative medicine and code-breaking.

After the show Singh will sign copies of his books, which will also be for sale.

3th October


Tickets and information

£7 (£5)

Mark Steel’s In Town

Following five series of his double Sony Award-winning Radio 4 comedy show, writer and stand-up comedian Mark Steel brings his live In Town show to Oxford. Touring the country to discover the quirky and interesting history of hundreds of places, Mark promises anecdotes galore as well as a lovable mocking of our own city.

A regular on Have I Got News For You, QI and Radio 4’s Newsquiz, Mark’s lecture series for Radio 2 is BAFTA-nominated and he has written several highly acclaimed books including Reasons To Be Cheerful and What’s Going On.

Age guideline 15+

6th October 2014


Tickets and information

£16 (£14)

The Angry Brigade

By James Graham
Directed by James Grieve

British democracy. Is based on more blood.
And exploitation.
Than any empire in history.
Now its government has declared a vicious class war.
A one-sided war…
We have started to fight back…
…with bombs.

Against a backdrop of Tory cuts, high unemployment and the deregulated economy of 1970s Britain, a young urban guerrilla group mobilises: The Angry Brigade. Their targets: MPs. Embassies. Police. Pageant Queens. The established order. As an uprising begins, a specialist police squad is formed to understand the anarchists and hunt them down.

Based on real events, this heart-stopping thriller is by James Graham, the writer behind the National Theatre’s smash-hit production This House and the BBC radio play Dividing The Union. It is directed by James Grieve (Translations).

Age guideline 14+ (very strong language, and some sexual content)

Wed 8/10 19:30
Thu 9/10 14:30
Thu 9/10 19:30
Fri 10/10 20:00
Sat 11/10 14:30
Sat 11/10 19:30

8th,9th,10th,11th October

Tickets and information

£24 / £21 / £17 / £11 or £21.50 / £18.50 / £13 / £11 or £26.50 / £23.50 / £19.50 / £11.50

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Creation Theatre Company
01865 766266

official website

What's Showing?

There is nothing currently showing. Please check the official website for more information.
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Old Fire Station
George Street, 01865 297170 (Box Office)

official website
Click here for transportation and parking information for this theatre

What's Showing?

Photographing Wildlife

An event for all photographers interested in capturing images of wildlife.
Opening with a talk from Ron Perkins, participants will be able to show work and discuss the challenges and rewards of this popular photographic genre. Ron is a wildlife photographer specialising in birds and mammals. In 1999 he was winner of the British Wildlife Category of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.

This event is in conjunction with the Photography Oxford Festival.

Running Time: 2 hours

01st October


Tickets and Information

Prices: £4 (£2.50)

Mark Laita and Yann Layma

Photographers, like painters, have always delighted in capturing the glories of nature. With trained eyes, a love of the world around them, and an instinctive understanding of light and colour, they have captured the essence of the natural world for those of us whose ways of seeing limit the pleasures to be had from nature’s kaleidoscope.

Some artists, not satisfied with simply recording the world around them, have added their own imagination and technical skills to turn elements of the living world into abstract forms. Which is what the two artists in this show – a Frenchman and an American –done, with colour and design being the imperatives driving their work.

The American, Mark Laita, has been photographing snakes for more than a decade. Born in Detroit in 1960, he discovered photography in his teens when the family moved to Chicago. He found work in local studios after school, and went on to study photography in college where he gained a BA.

Few species of snakes have eluded his lens. There have been pastel pythons, vibrant vipers, a blue Malaysian coral snake, an albino Honduran milk snake, and a deadly black mamba that bit him in the leg. He survived because the bite was dry and without venom.

Laita says his pictures of snakes get their strength from the tension that exists between beauty and danger, with the symbolism connected with snakes adding an additional layer of sensuality. “I’m not trying to tell you what a snake looks like,” he explains. “It’s just a beautiful form – something compelling, sensual, and captivating.”

Yann Layma was attracted to creatures that fly rather than slither. Two years younger than Laita, he was born in the Touraine region of northwest France, home to Balzac, Descartes, and a lot of butterflies. A chance meeting turned the young Layma into the disciple of a leading entomologist who taught him all there was to know about these beautiful, delicate creatures.

Once an established photographer, Layma looked closer at butterflies and particularly at their wings. Here he found potential to experiment with micro and macro photography. By enlarging very small areas of wings he was able to produce abstract images much closer in style to the work of abstract painters than to work normally associated with nature’s leading photographers.

Layma has lived and worked in China, a country he fell in love with and recorded with a searching but compassionate eye. He has also faced a long struggle with bipolar disorder, a struggle he courageously recounts in his book I Had to Ride the Storm: The Tribulations of a Bipolar.

1st October to 4th October

Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm

Tickets and Information

Jenny Eclair: Eclarious

Old is the New Young Festival presents Jenny Eclair: Eclairious

Welcome to Jenny Eclair’s new stand-up show. After thirty years in the business she should vaguely know what she’s doing? Professional Grumpy Old Woman, writer and panto star; Eclair has been round the block that many times she’s lost count. Touring as a stand-up gives Eclair enormous pleasure. It also gives her dreadful varicose veins, but most importantly it gives her partner (St Geof) a bit of a break.

Help him keep her out of the house, by supporting this show!

Running Time: approximately 1 hour & 50 minutes including a 20 minute interval

02th October

7:30 PM

Tickets and Information

Prices: £17.50

Keep the Home Fires Burning

The history books are full of the brave exploits of the nearly six million British soldiers who served in World War II. But what of the women they left behind?

These wives, mothers, sisters and daughters are so often omitted from the annals of war, but their contribution to the war effort, taking on the jobs the men had to leave, in factories, on the land, driving fire engines and ambulances and keeping the country on its feet, must never be forgotten.

Apollo Theatre Company present this brand new show which uses real accounts of women who lived through the war, punctuated beautifully with some of the most enduring music and songs from the period.

Written and performed by Amy Hamlen with James Church piano
Directed by Tim Astley


Running Time: 1 hour & 40 minutes

Friday, 3rd October

7:30 PM

Tickets and information

£12 (£10)

The Listening Room

The Listening Room is an opportunity for local musicians to play in a professional and intimate space and a chance for audiences to hear an eclectic range of live music from the local scene and beyond.

Every month The Listening Room presents two to three emerging bands/artists from the local music scene and further afield, creating a platform to build connections between audiences, performers, and the wider community.


Running Time: 2 hours & 30 minutes

Tue, 7th October

8:00 PM

Tickets and information


Oxford Improvisers

Oxford Improvisers present a monthly concert of improvised music featuring invited guests from Britain and overseas. In September we are joined by the Cheltenham improvisers led by Chris Cundy, in October John Grieve will introduce an evening of ‘metal sounds’, in November we are delighted to welcome the French trio XXYZ, with vocalist Guylaine Cosseron and we end the year with a large string group led by cellist Bruno Guastalla.

Please note: this event takes place in the Loft Room which is NOT wheelchair accessible

Running Time: 2 hours

7th October

8:00 PM

Tickets and information

£9 (£6)

Otway & Barrett

Otway and Barrett return to the city that launched their career with this intimate performance at the Old Fire Station.

Both John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett remain enigmas to the vast majority of the British public, but for those who know they are amongst the top ten of favourite artists to see live. The show is a wonderful eclectic mix of bizarre humour, superb visual effects, fine guitar playing and the best use of a Theremin anywhere.

Adults Only

Running Time: 1 hour & 45 minutes including a 15 minute interval

9th October

8:30 PM

Tickets and information


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What's Showing?

The Forensics of a Flat (and other stories)

Written and performed by Francesca Millican-Slater

I live in a flat made of wooden walls, 70’s carpet and doors that are locked from the other side. In the dark of the night, I listen to the building. It tells of finger prints on door handles, skin cells in the carpet, ghosts in the plumbing.

Francesca tells stories about her beloved flat, the area it stands in, what it used to be, what it will become and the people that have populated it. It’s a bit stand up, a bit biography, a bit documentation – a love affair with a local area to the tune of bad Karaoke.

Age guideline 12+

Clever and touching. Guardian on Me, Myself and Mrs Gibbs

Wed 1st October


Tickets and Information

£10 (£8)

300 to 1

Written and performed by Matt Panesh

A schoolboy re-enacts the macho homoerotic war film 300 in his bedroom, with Wilfred Owen as his Homeric scribe.

This new play from a BT favourite Monkey Poet is directed by the award-winning Gareth Armstrong (Shylock, The Rape of Lucrece, Wilde Without the Boy) and contains spears, swords and underpants.

Plus, after the interval, Monkey Poet will entertain with his brilliant blend of poetic stand-up.

Age guideline 16+

Wickedly, wickedly funny. Stage on Monkey Poet

Thu 2th October


Tickets and Information

£10 (£8)

The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike

Nereus Pike is floating down from the sunshine to the bottom of the sea. He’s not unhappy about this. He’s smiling.

This is an extraordinary tale of myth and magic by Fringe First Award-winning comedian and theatre maker Laura Mugridge, in collaboration with Katy Schutte and with original live music from Tom Adams.

Expect sea creatures, animation, an impromptu rave scene and a nautical jumper.

Age guideline 12+

3th October 2014


Tickets and information

£10 (£8)

The Oxford Fun Palace

Come and join in with Fun Palaces 2014 – a free, nationwide festival of arts, culture and sciences.

Oxford Playhouse and Science Oxford are joining forces to create Oxford’s Fun Palace focusing on the science of theatre. With loads of hands-on activities to try, explore the exciting world behind the scenes as you experiment with lights, sound effects, music and scenery.

It’s all for free, so don’t miss this exciting chance to get hands-on with the science behind theatre and come and visit The Oxford Fun Palace at the BT.

Age guideline 5+ (but everyone welcome)

Saturday 4 October 2014

11am to 3pm

Tickets and information


by Adam Z. Robinson

Didn’t there come a point when you thought enough was enough?

Yes. There did.

Rebekah is back at her parents’ house, holed up with her old university essays and family records.

Determined to move on with her life, she begins writing the story of her great-grandfather, a World War One conscientious objector. But each page brings the events she is trying to outrun even closer. Rebekah‘s own story needs to be told.

This gripping new play asks us to consider what we’d do if pushed to the edge.

Age guideline 14+

6th-7th Otober 2014


Tickets and information

£10 (£8)

The Novice Detective

Sophie Willan

Heart-warming and hilarious, award-nominated comedian Sophie Willan tells an unbelievable true story of how she and her slightly psychic Gran found her long lost father. It’s an interactive ‘who-is-it?’ fusing stand-up comedy and theatrical chaos to tell a story of fantasy, failure, grief, love, and ultimately of hope.

A whirlwind of a one-woman show: expect laughs, tears, confetti and lots of detective spoofery!

Age guideline 14+

8th October


Tickets and information

£10 (£8)


David Rosenberg and Glen Neath

You’ve been invited to an important lecture, but you can’t keep your eyes open. When darkness comes and you slip into sleep, you realise you are not alone and then both the dream and the drama really begin.

Experienced in absolute darkness, Fiction is a surreal and atmospheric trip through the sprawling architecture of our dreams, where you, the audience, are inside the story.

Following on from the success of last summer’s Ring, Fiction is the second performance by Glen Neath and David Rosenberg using innovative sound technology and an utter blackout to immerse you in an unsettling story.

Commissioned by the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Cambridge Junction, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival and Wellcome Trust Arts Award.

9th-10th October 2014


£10 (£8)


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What's Showing?

Ha Ha Hood

Starring Su Pollard, Cannon and Ball with Ben Langley and Andy Pickering. The Ha Ha! team are back with a brand new and all-out outrageous comic romp. The funniest farce in the forest!

Ten years after a messy divorce Robin and Marian are forced back together to fight the Sheriff once more. Little John and Friar Tuck, now considerably older and rougher around the edges, join the merry pair to try and save the citizens of Nottingham....

Running time: TBC

Wed 01th October

7:30 pm

Tickets and Information

General Tickets T £20.90 - £23.90 plus £4.00 transaction fee* ; Premium Seats Tickets £26.90 plus £4.00 transaction fee*

Sensational 60’s Experience 50th Anniversary Tour

This is without doubt the ultimate 60’s extravaganza touring the UK on its 50th anniversary. For one night only six legendary names from the 1960’s take to the stage and deliver to you a night never to be forgotten.

Fri 3rd October 2014

7.30 PM

Tickets and information

£28.40 - £30.40

An Evening of Burlesque

Come and enjoy Britain’s biggest burlesque extravaganza – we dare you!

Arriving direct from London’s West End, a fresh cast of burlesque all-stars are unveiled for 2014. It’s flushed with success – following a thrilling 100-date UK tour combined with overseas adventures in Milan, Zurich, St Petersburg, Minsk, Leipzig, Verona, Dresden, Riga, Padova, Dessau.
Running time: 2h 30m

Sat 4th October 2014

8.00 PM

Tickets and information

£28.40 plus £2.85 transaction fee*

Alan Davies: Little Victories

Alan Davies: Little Victories Overview

Following the sell out success of his long-awaited return to stand up, Alan Davies returns with his highly anticipated follow up show, Little Victories.

Much lauded as resident dunderhead on QI or the charming but reticent crime solver Jonathan Creek, Davies virtuosic story-telling and whip-smart funny bones combine to make this a show not to be missed.

Sun 5th October 2014

8.00 pm

Tickets and information

£38.90 - £43.40 plus £2.85 transaction fee*

Peter Andre

Peter Andre has announced his first major UK tour in two years.

Currently on our screens with a new series of his ever-popular reality show Peter Andre: My Life on ITV2, he will also appear as co-presenter on Sunday Scoop and as of next week host of new programme Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover.

The 24 date tour follows a busy 2013 with two new TV projects and launching his charity, The Peter Andre Foundation.

His three previous UK tours, including a 2010 and 2012 arena tour, all sold out instantly and saw him being named Britain’s Hardest Working Singer by PRS.

This year is proving to be yet another huge year for Peter Andre with his continuing promotion for his top twenty album Angels & Demons at the beginning of the year, performing at a number summer events, filming two series of his hit reality show Peter Andre: My Life, fronting the new hit show for ITV1 Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover as well as launching his two brand new fragrances for women entitled Forever and Forever Young.

Peter Andre just recently launched Pete's Champions, an initiative asking his massive fan base to join him in raising money for the Peter Andre Foundation supporting Cancer Research UK. The Foundation was put together after the Andre family lost Pete's brother, Andrew, to kidney cancer. Peter was flooded with offers of support from loyal fans and wanted to inspire them to raise funds for Cancer Research UK's Cancer Awareness Roadshow which gets information about cancer out to people in their own communities.

The new tour will see Peter on stage with his band performing all of his hits including Mysterious Girl and Behind Closed Doors plus songs from his previous studio albums Revelation, Accelerate and Angels and Demons.

Thursday 9th October 2014, 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

7.00 pm

Tickets and information

£30.40 - £79.90 plus £2.85 transaction fee*

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What's Showing?

The Muddy Choir

Sunderland is a long way from Ypres. Will, Robbie and Jumbo, who would much rather be at home, gain comfort from singing but draw unwelcome attention from the officers. Is music their ticket away from the Front, as Robbie dreams, or will the passion it brings about prove more dangerous than bullets or gas?

A new play from Theatre Centre about the humanising power of music, marks the centenary of WW1.

60 mins

Thursday 2 October 7.30pm
Talk - Friday 3 October 6pm
Friday 3 October 7.30pm
Saturday 4 October 7.30 pm
Free Tea – time Talk
Fri 3 Oct at 6 pm (Tickets must be booked in advance)
The poetry and songs of WWI
With Dr. Stuart Lee, lecture in WWI literature at University of Oxford

Thursday 2th October 7:30pm
Talk - Friday 3th October 6 pm
Friday 3th October 7:30pm
Saturday 4th October 7:30 pm

2th October to 4th October

Tickets and Information

Cost £13, £9 concs, £6, U18

Funday Sundays: Puppets Go Wild Funky Monkey

The latest addition to the Funday Sunday line up is from Wild Boor Ideas (Betty Bumble and Winnie The Witch). Each show is packed full of puppetry, interactive songs, gentle clowning and a chance to meet the puppet stars after the show.

Funky Monkey
Funky Monkey has lost his funk! Who’s got it? Where can it be? How can he get it back? Meet a host of funktastic Monkeys, a Funk Doctor and join in the funkadelic jungle fun!

Sun 5th October

11 am & 2 pm

Tickets and information

£5 Adult, £3 child

Strictly Balti

Join Saikat as he dances precariously through his dual-identity childhood, torn between the familiar sights of Birmingham and the mysteries of Bangladesh. Meet werewolves in the playground, nuns in the corridors and tangerines in the dancehall. This show by Travelling Light is for anyone who ever had to grow up, a show about being a second generation immigrant in the UK but feeling like an Englishman abroad.

Thursday 9 Oct 7.30 pm, Friday 10 Oct 10.30 am

Tickets and information

£13, £9 concs, £6 U18

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University Theatre

What's Showing?

There is nothing currently showing. Please check the official website for more information.
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Oxford Shakespeare Company
0870 609 2231

official website

What's Showing?

There is nothing currently showing. Please check the official website for more information.
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The North Wall Arts Centre
South Parade, Oxford OX2 7NN, 01865 319 452

official website

What's Showing?

Fast Track

Where is Performance/Event Taking Place: The North Wall Arts Centre, South
Parade, Oxford
Cost of Performance/Event: £12 (concessions £10)
Other relevant information: The world premiere of Fast Track, a play written
by Catriona Kerridge.
Characters run, cycle, walk and hurtle past each other. Strangers confess,
love and judge each other. They have one thing in common: they are all stuck
in a relationship - a relationship with money. They are trying to find ways
to handle it: save it, steal it, exchange it, make it or get rid of it.

2nd-4th October 2014

Fast Track

Six characters, one park: Fast Track follows six young city-dwellers whose lives collide on one life-changing day.

Characters run, cycle, walk and hurtle past each other. Strangers confess, love and judge each other. They have one thing in common: they are all stuck in a relationship - a relationship with money. They are trying to find ways to handle it: save it, steal it, exchange it, make it or get rid of it.

And as the sun sets and night falls, the park becomes an altogether darker place…

Pulsing with energy and dark humour, Fast Track exposes the beating heart of the city and the challenges faced by those that live in it. The North Wall is proud to present the premiere of this bold new play from one of Britain’s brightest up-and-coming playwrights.

Featuring live music composed and performed by Wild Swim’s Carlos Posada & Jamie Jay.

This production is supported by Arts Council England & The Garfield Weston Foundation.

Thursday 2nd October to Saturday 4th October 2014


Tickets and information

Full Price £12.00 + fee* Concession £10.00 + fee*


Cost of Performance/Event: £13 (concessions £11)
Other relevant information: Gripping show about rioting, combining puppetry,
immersive soundscapes and multimedia technology.
The multi award-winning company Tortoise in a Nutshell build an entire world
in front of the audience’s eyes. With barely a word spoken, Joe looks back
at his childhood home and traces its journey from idyllic seaside town to
community gripped by anarchy.

08th October 2014

Delia Darlings

Manchester-based new music collective Delia Darlings present Delia Derbyshire Day 2014, a follow-up to their sell-out 2013 event on the same theme. They honour the fascinating work and archive of this pioneering electronic composer (who died in 2001), best known for her work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and her original 1963 theme for Dr Who.

Thursday 9th October 2014,

7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Tickets and information

£14 (£10 concessions)


Cost of Performance/Event: £13 (concessions £11)
Other relevant information: UK beat-boxing champion Grace Savage explores
what young people are hearing in the world today
A beat-boxing theatre show unlike any other; UK beat-boxing champion Grace
Savage explores what young people are hearing in the world today, from
motherly advice to what we learn in the school playground and the music
charts. An interrogation into the influences on young people today, this
energetic and powerful show will have you on the edge of your seat.

14th October 2014


Cost of Performance/Event: £15 (concessions £12)
Other relevant information: Mark Thomas tells the true story of how
Britain’s biggest arms manufacturer came to spy on a comedian.
As usual plenty of laughs, some weird characters, probably a tear or two and
the vague possibility that Mark might get beaten up in the making of it as
he tries to find out if he wants revenge or if he can forgive a friend.

15th-16th October 2014

Our Fathers

Cost of Performance/Event: £13 (concessions £11)
Other relevant information: Award-winning ensemble Babakas present a moving
and funny journey through fatherhood past and present.
Three performers share their own real-life stories. Mike has received an
email asking him to be a surrogate father for a woman he has never met.
Bert’s evangelical father believes dance is to blame for his son’s
sexuality. Meanwhile Sofia needs to find a man before it’s too late, but
her dad keeps getting in the middle.

25th October 2014

An Instinct For Kindness

Cost of Performance/Event: £13 (concessions £11)
Other relevant information: One young man’s fight for life, the
extraordinary strength of the human spirit, and the sacrifices the military
asks of those who serve it.
When the call came, idealistic Joe Bonham eagerly volunteered for the
trenches of World War One. But as he wakes in a strange world and attempts
to piece back together the fragments of his past, he realises he has paid a
price he never expected.

28th October 2014

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Miscellaneous Theatre

What's Showing?

There is nothing currently showing.
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