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What to See and Do

Theatre / Plays

Going to the theater is a popular activity in Oxford, especially the outdoor performances of Shakespeare plays in the summer. If you intend to see a show while in town, you should check the listings at the individual theatres and buy your tickets in advance, or else you may be disappointed.

*Look for our Child Friendly Events (blue background)

Oxford Playhouse | Creation Theatre Company | Old Fire Station
Burton Taylor |  New Theatre (Apollo) | Pegasus Theatre
University Theatre | Oxford Shakespeare Company
North Wall Arts Centre | Miscellaneous Theatre in & Around Oxford

What's Showing?

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

One of Oxford’s most spectacular summer highlights, Oxford Playhouse and the Bodleian Library are delighted to welcome back Globe Theatre On Tour. Get your summer soaring by seeing one of Shakespeare’s most charming comedies in the unique outdoor setting of the Old Schools Quadrangle.

Valentine loves Silvia and Proteus loves Julia – but Proteus is fickle, and falls for Silvia too. Join a joyful ensemble of players as they bounce between elopements, betrayals and forest-dwelling outlaws - plus a bit with a dog. Along the way, they play out Shakespeare’s immortal themes of deceit, love and friendship.

This riotous new production will delight with songs, romance and chaos, hurling Shakespeare’s anarchic comedy into the 21st century. The perfect play for summer!

Age guideline : 8+

Performance Information: This is an outdoor performance. Please come prepared for all weather conditions.

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, including an interval.


Tuesday 19/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Wednesday 20/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Thursday 21/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Friday 22/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Saturday 23/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Sunday 24/7 14:30 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Sunday 24/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Tuesday 26/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Wednesday 27/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Thursday 28/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Friday 29/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Saturday 30/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Sunday 31/7 14:30 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Sunday 31/7 19:45 £24 (£22) Enjoy! membership 20% off

Venue: Old Schools Quadrangle Bodleian Library

19th July - 31th July

Tickets and Information

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Creation Theatre Company
01865 766266

official website

What's Showing?


The parapets of Castle Elsinore in the dead of night. The late King’s spirit stirs from the trappings of purgatory and Denmark’s young prince vows to avenge his father’s murder. Follow Hamlet as he agonises over mortality and morality in a world fraught with madness, revenge and corruption.

Set in 74 acres of parkland in the heart of Oxford, Creation Theatre will transform University Parks into Hamlet’s Elsinore Castle, as the young prince battles his family and his demons. Take a stroll in the parks before the show, pack a picnic and spend the perfect summer’s evening with Creation Theatre.

The show is 2 hours plus a 20 minute interval.


“Creation Theatre Company’s performances always hit the mark”
The Guardian

“Creation have the gift of making Shakespeare effortless to understand”
Daily Information

“If you’re a visitor in Oxford and you only have time for one cultural experience, make it this”
The Oxford Times

“Enormously fun, utterly compelling, seriously off-the-wall, mesmerisingly atmospheric and pretty surreal.”
The Oxford Times on The Wind in the Willows

“Gari Jones’ adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, which he also directs, is a joyful seasonal offering from Oxford’s ever-inventive Creation Theatre Company.”
Newbury Weekly News on Treasure Island


21th July 19:00 pm

22th July 19:00 pm

23th July 14:00 pm / 19:00 pm

24th July 19:00 pm

25th July 19:00 pm

26th July 19:00 pm

27th July 14:00 pm / 19:00 pm

28th July 19:00 pm

29th July 19:00 pm

30th July 14:00 pm / 19:00 pm

21th July till 30th July

Tickets and Information

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Theseus and Hippolyta are having a wedding and you’re invited. You won’t be the only ones showing up in Oxford for the nuptials though, there’ll be lovers, a group of tradesmen rehearsing a play and quite a few fairies that are up to no good. Unlike any Creation show in the past 20 years, this summer’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is part play, part quest, part treasure hunt and just a little bit Crystal Maze! Meet in groups of 10 at a secret location, follow the clues and watch out for fairies…

21th to 31th July

19:30 pm

Tickets and Information

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Old Fire Station
George Street, 01865 297170 (Box Office)

official website
Click here for transportation and parking information for this theatre

What's Showing?

Brazilian Music – fundraising concert

Brazilian music (jazz, choro, bossa) with a social conscience (Zika fundraiser). Cello, guitar & voice. Elis Roseira and Catherine Bent’s love of dialogue between the traditional and the modern is revealed in their choice of repertoire and their unconventional arranging. Elis & Catherine’s new CD “Um Gosto de Sol” (A Taste of Sun) pays tribute to the great composers and lyricists of Brazil, with touches of North and South American folk music, European dance music and African rhythms, elegantly rendered on bowed, plucked and vocal strings.

All proceeds of this concert will be donated to Save The Children for Zika virus prevention and care. Minimum donation £12, £10 for concessions.

You can donate on the door, or click here to donate online.

Please consider making a donation to this cause even if you are unable to attend the performance.

Book your place, and make a £12/£10 donation to Save The Children.

30th July

donate £12/£10 online - or pay on the door

Tickets and Information

Tickets and Information

Circleville, Circlevalley

Five individuals, united only by their dislocation and displacement from society, come together for drama therapy once a week. Sitting in a rundown community centre, some referred by professionals, some there by choice, these five people are asked to share their lives, their dirty laundry and their favourite flavour of crisps.

As the weeks go by, they begin to recognise that a safe space only lasts while you’re actually inside it. Once the sessions are up for good, they’ll be spat right back out again, but whilst they’re here, they are not alone: you’re in there with them.

‘The jarring contrast between the chilling shudders and warm belly laughs punctuating fast dialogue is a hallmark of this finely crafted piece of new writing’ - The Invisible Critic for Grimm, by Lamorna Ash

Ages 12+

30th July

2:30pm & 7:30pm

Tickets and Information

£12, £10 (concs)

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What's Showing?

BT Comedy Club

Do you like to laugh? You do? Excellent – so do we. That’s why this July we’re turning the BT into a compact comedy club, full of large LOLs and huge hilarity.

Each night will feature the best of local talent and the finest comics on the touring circuit, all tied together (not literally) by your host Dan Gilbert.

Friday 29 July
Political activist and comedian Kate Smurthwaite
Becky Moore
Conor McReynolds

Kate Smurthwaite is an award-winning comedian and political activist who has appeared on Question Time, The Big Questions, This Morning, Woman's Hour and The Moral Maze. She is a writer for Have I Got News For You? and BBC3's BAFTA-winning The Revolution Will Be Televised, has a regular humourous column in the New Internationalist magazine and has also been published in The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, and Cosmopolitan.

“Comedy that cuts through the crap" ThreeWeeks
“Hilarious... A powerhouse of observational wit” Spectator
"The verve with which she articulates her views on our land is monumental" - Broadway Baby

Honest Comedy Gong Show and Quantum Leopard Audience Choice winner Becky Moore is a midlands based comedy writer and performer. Becky has performed her revealing material at gigs across the Midlands, the South East, and the City of London.

Conor McReynolds is one of the newest (and certainly one of the hairiest) faces on the Oxford comedy scene. He’s very Irish, and very huggable! Come along to BT Comedy Club to find out what keeps Conor occupied, and what he keeps in his wallet...

Saturday 30 July
Moj Taylor
Terry Green
Fran Day

Terry Green is trying to make sense of the world we live in; be honest - he's really struggling.

For her day job, Fran Day is a theoretical physicist at the University of Oxford. She performs both science comedy and "normal" comedy inspired by physics, feminism and sometimes the end of the world. This year Fran is taking her show, Physics Fan Fiction, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

So bring your friends, grab a drink and take your seat as ribs are tickled and funny bones are tweaked by the best.

29th and 30th July


Tickets and Information

£10 (£8)

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What's Showing?

The Glenn Miller Story

The Glenn Miller Story starring music legend Tommy Steele

It’s been seventy years since Glenn Miller vanished over the English Channel as he flew to Paris to entertain the troops during the Second World War. Did he crash? Was he shot down? Will the mystery ever be solved?

Running time: 2hr 5

30th August


Tickets and Information

General Tickets £17.90 - £48.90 plus £4.00 transaction fee*

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What's Showing?

Puppets Go Wild

Rosie’s Grow Show

Puppets Go Wild is a joyful experience for under 5s with shows packed full of puppetry, interactive songs and gentle clowning plus a chance to meet the puppet stars.

Have you ever wiggled with a giant worm, seen comedy compost created before your eyes or sung along with a singing carrot? Well, it’s all here in Rosie’s Grow Show. This joyful interactive puppet performance features shadow puppets, glove puppets, catchy songs and a puppet garden that grows before your very eyes!

7th August 2016

11am & 2pm

Tickets and Information

£5 all tickets

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University Theatre

What's Showing?

There is nothing currently showing. Please check the official website for more information.
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Oxford Shakespeare Company
0870 609 2231

official website

What's Showing?

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Directed by Nicholas Green

A Lover’s eyes will gaze an eagle blind,
A lover’s ear will hear the lowest sound
And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods
Make heaven drowsy with the harmony.
(Act4.Sc3 Line 308 to 319)

Free love and anarchy?

Not so for the King of Navarre and his boys who have all sworn an oath to scholarship, fasting and absolutely no women.

What are the odds then, of a wandering Princess and her three friends pitching up in the same forest?!

Watch the madcap antics of four (once) solemn young men and their cohorts, as they fall over themselves and their words, to find out whether four weary young women love them.

Or love them not…

Our Love’s Labour’s Lost is let loose in the 1970’s with original music, inspired by the decade that bought us, Glam Rock, Punk and New Wave, from Nick Lloyd Webber.

Welcome to the Oxford Shakespeare Company, acclaimed specialists in open-air and site specific theatre.

Widely recognised for the inventiveness and panache of our shows, the OSC takes equal pride in the quality of its original music. This summer we are delighted to welcome back Nicholas Green, director of the exceptionally received Private Lives in 2010 and last year’s hugely successful Twelfth Night.

The OSC are celebrated for their open air, site specific performances both at their summer residency at Wadham College Oxford and across the Historic Royal Palaces sites of Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, Tower of London and the Banqueting House Whitehall.

This year we were delighted to be returning for our third year at Wilderness

Our shows are designed to be interactive with the environment in which they are performed, allowing the audience to enter fully into the world of the play. They are renowned for their talented actors, sensational costumes and for the quality of the live music which is individually devised for each production.


Thu, 21 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Fri, 22 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Sat, 23 Jul 2:30 PM Prices: £18 (£13)
Sat, 23 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Mon, 25 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Tue, 26 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Wed, 27 Jul 2:30 PM Prices: £18 (£13)
Wed, 27 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Thu, 28 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Fri, 29 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Sat, 30 Jul 2:30 PM Prices: £18 (£13)
Sat, 30 Jul 7:30 PM Prices: £23 (£18)

Venue: Wadham College Gardens, Parks Road

21th to 30th July

Tickets and Information

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The North Wall Arts Centre
South Parade, Oxford OX2 7NN, 01865 319 452

official website

What's Showing?


Written by Tess Berry-Hart
Directed by David Mercatali

“Goods get damaged all the time. Wouldn’t want to spoil the cargo, now, would we?”

In the dark of a container ship, a group sits huddled. Waves lap against the walls. The metal creaks softly. Then, all of a sudden, somebody whispers… For the cargo on this vessel, home is a long-distant memory – and a new land still many miles away. Will they survive the perilous journey to find a better future? Or could the greatest threat to their safety be locked amongst them?

This timely new play is a tense and provocative thriller that reveals how much people are willing to risk in search of a better life.Cargo premieres at Arcola Theatre in July 2016 before coming to The North Wall as part of a national tour.

Praise for previous work by the company:

On Radiant Vermin:
“Masterfully directed by David Mercatali” ★★★★ The Stage

“David Mercatali infuses his production with fierce energy” ★★★★ Evening Standard

On Johnny Got His Gun:
“A stunning tour de force” ★★★★ The Independent

14th September


Tickets and Information

Full Price £14 + fee*, Concession £12 + fee*

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Miscellaneous Theatre

What's Showing?

There is nothing currently showing.
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