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Tourist Info

Tourist Info

Oxford is a popular tourist destination with several million people visiting our fine city every year. There is a lot to see here, and Oxford City Guide doesn't want you to miss out on any of the beautiful sights.


Aside from the beautiful buildings of Oxford University, there are many other buildings worth visiting while in town. Some are associated with the University, and some are not, but most of them are old and fascinating and are definitely photo-worthy.


Oxford City Guide wants to make sure you see the best of our wonderful city, even if you only have a short time. We recommend using our itineraries as your guide - but be sure to stop and look at anything that strikes your fancy along the way.  


We provide a variety of maps to help you navigate the city.


There are several ways to see Oxford - by bus, by foot, by water, by bike, and by car. Oxford City Guide recommends a combination of all five! Nothing beats walking around at your own pace seeing the things you want to see, but it's also nice sometimes to sit back and relax and watch the sights go by while an experienced tour guide tells you what you're looking at. Our own trusty editor got her first glimpse of Oxford from aboard a 'hop-on-hop-off' bus and was thankful to get the lay of the land before heading off with a map and a list of things she wanted to see again.

How to Get to Oxford

What's the best airport to fly into? How to get here by public transport? Where to Park? Before you leave home, find out how best to get to Oxford.

How to Get Around Oxford

The best way to get around Oxford is on foot or bike. However, if walking and biking aren't your thing, or you want to go somewhere a little outside your walking comfort zone, there are other options for getting around Oxford.

Essential Information for Tourists

Your guide to some basic facts about Oxford including the telephone dialing code, currency and exchange rate, weather, and so much more.

Oxford University

We know how confusing it can be for a first time tourist to come to Oxford and wonder where the University is (fyi - there are 38 colleges and no central 'campus'). We'll give you a basic rundown of the University, tell you about the 10 most visited colleges, and give you contact information and links for all of the colleges. There's also a link to Oxford Brookes University, which is also located in Oxford.