Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi College

Merton Street 01865 276700
Open 1:30 - 4:30 Mon - Sun. Admission Free.

Founded in 1517, Corpus Christi is one of Oxford's older colleges. Its ancient buildings are some of the most beautiful in Oxford, and it enjoys an unrivalled position, overlooking gardens and meadows yet within five minutes walk of the city centre and the Bodleian Library.

The College is smaller than most, having 240 undergraduates and 115 graduate students. The staff includes 40 academic Fellows, all of them distinguished teachers and researchers in their fields. The remarkable sixteenth-century library, with its early furnishings and beautiful plaster-work, is fully equipped with modern networking facilities and contains 80,000 books and 80 runs of journals.

Don't Miss:
In the centre of the Front Quad is a pelican sundial, which can calculate time by the sun and the moon, though since it's set to Oxford Time (see this page for an explanation of Oxford Time), it's always 5 minutes off. Pass throught the Front Quad and the Cloisters until you reach the garden at the rear. From here you can see the Fellows Garden, Christ Church Gardens, and the meadows.

Notable Facts:

  • Bishop Richard Fox went blind before the buiding of the College was completed. Supposedly, students walked him around the small front quad 23 times to make it seem bigger than it actually was.