St John's College

St John's College

St. Giles 01865 277300
Members of the public are welcome to visit St John's College (to see Front Quad, Canterbury Quad, the Garden, the Chapel, and Kendrew Quad) from 1pm to 5pm daily, or until dusk in the winter. Entry is through the main Lodge on the east side of St Giles, or (for the Kendrew Quad) through the Kendrew Lodge some 200 metres north. The College is closed to visitors on Christmas and Boxing Day. Very occasionally, parts of College are closed off because of events or for safety reasons.

Dating back to 1437, the College's famous Canterbury Quad is a splendid example of Baroque architecture. Stick to the quad and the gorgeous gardens, which stretch all the way to Parks Road, and avoid looking at the disappointing modern buildings to the left of the entrance which serve as accommodations for the students.

Famous Attendees:
Tony Blair - British Prime Minister
Philip Larkin - poet
Robert Graves - novelist and poet
Kingsley Amis - novelist and poet

St John's