One-Day Sight-Seeing Itinerary

  • Start at Carfax Tower (1) (Corners of Cornmarket Street, High Street, St. Aldate's, and Queen Street)

  • Walk up Cornmarket Street passing the oldest building in Oxford - theSaxon Tower of St Michael at the North Gate(2), continue onto Magdalen Street (Cornmarket turns into Magdalen) to the Martyr's Memorial (3).

  • Across the street, on Beaumont, you can see the Ashmolean Museum (4)

  • Come back down Magdalen, turn left onto Broad Street (see the Martyr's cross on the ground). Pass Balliol College (5) and Trinity College (6) on your left. Pass Blackwell's Bookstore (7) on your left. Pass the Sheldonian Theatre (8) and the Clarendon Building (9) on your right.

  • Make a right onto Catte Street, and a quick left onto New College Lane to see the Bridge of Sighs (10). Pass New College (11), and St. Edmund Hall (12) as you continue onto Queen's Lane. Turn right onto High Street, pass Queen's College (13) on your right. Pass St. Mary's Church (14) on your right. Turn right onto Catte Street and see All Soul's College (15) on your right. Go around the Radcliffe Camera (16), passing the Bodleian Library (17) on the way, and head back towards High Street, passing Brasenose College (18) on your right.

  • Go down Magpie Lane, turn left onto Merton Street, pass Merton College (19).

  • Continue on Merton Street to High Street, and make a right. Pass Magdalen College (20) on your left.

  • Across the street from Magdalen College are the Botanical Gardens (21). Turn onto Rose Lane, and follow the path by the river, turning onto Broad Walk, with the Christ Church Meadows now on your left.

  • Pass Christ Church (22) on your right.

  • Turn right onto St. Aldate's

  • Turn right onto Blue Boar Street, pass the Museum of Oxford (23).

  • Turn left onto Alfred Street, cross over High Street and go into the Covered Market (24).

Click here to print out this itinerary and a map with all the sights marked

Two-Day Sight-Seeing Itinerary

Day One

  • Start at Christ Church on St. Aldates - see the cathedral and the great hall.

  • When you exit the college, turn left, and follow the path until you reach the gates at Rose Lane. Walk on Rose Lane.

  • At High Street, turn right. Turn right into the Botanic Gardens. When finished looking through the gardens, exit onto High Street.

  • Cross High Street and visit Magdalen College - walk through the cloisters, exit the blue wrought-iron gate onto Addison's Walk, walk along the river, see the deer park on your left.

  • Exit onto High Street and turn right. Turn right onto Catte Street to see the Radcliffe Camera.

  • Continue on Catte, pass the Bodleian Libraryon your left, and then make a left onto Broad Street. See the Sheldonian Theatre and the Clarendon Buildingon your left, and Blackwell's Bookstore, Trinity College, and Balliol College on your right.

  • Buy souvenirs for your friends and family (or yourselves, of course)

Day Two

  • Start at the intersection of George Street/Magdalen Street/Broad Street and Cornmarket Street.

  • Walk south on Cornmarket Street (along the car-free pedestrian walkway), passing the Saxon Tower of St Michael at the North Gate on your left, to the end to Carfax Tower.

  • Walk up High Street, turn left into the Covered Market. Browse through the market.

  • Continue on High Street to St. Mary's University Church on your left. Visit the tower on a clear day for great views of the city.

  • Turn right onto Magpie Lane, then left onto Merton Street. Visit Merton College - see the old library and the gardens

  • Continue on Merton Street, at end, make left onto High Street.

  • Turn right onto Queen's Lane (turns into New College Lane) to see the Bridge of Sighs (Hertford Bridge).

  • Turn right on Catte, then left on Broad. At the end of Broad street, turn right on Magdalen Street and see the Martyrs' Memorial. Turn left after the Randolph Hotel onto Beaumont Street. Visit the Ashmolean Museum (on your right) (closed Mondays), and treat yourself to a well-deserved cream tea (scones with jam and clotted cream, and tea of course).

Click here to print out this itinerary and a map with all the sights marked

What to do if it's raining

If it's raining in Oxford, and you don't have much time, throw on a raincoat, grab an umbrella and visit the colleges anyway, because it would be a shame to miss them due to the weather.

If you are here for long enough that you're not worried about missing out on the colleges, our favorite ways to pass the time are eating, shopping, and visiting the museums:

  • Browse the covered market

  • Visit the Ashmolean Museum or the University Museum of Natural History/Pitt Rivers Museum

  • Have a nice, long lunch in a pub

  • Hang out in Blackwell's Bookshop (they have new and second-hand books and a cafe)

  • Sit down for a lovely, long afternoon tea at the Old Parsonage Hotel on Banbury Road, a short walk from the city center (after 3:30pm)

  • See a movie - check out our cinema page for showtimes and theatres in Oxford, which show everything from mainstream blockbuster films to foreign films.

  • Learn about the history of Oxford at the Museum of Oxford

  • Take a bus tour of Oxford (sitting in the lower-level, of course)

Self Guided Film Trails

Oxfordshire has featured in many blockbuster films and TV programmes over the years. Follow in the famous footsteps of Harry Potter, Inspector Morse, Lyra and others and explore some of those magical locations around the city and county. Location Oxfordshire has kindly put together free downloadable pdf maps to help you along: